Our philosophy


Our choices...

Enthrolled by the location, its dominating position and especially the breathtaking panorama, we decided to transform Odina into an eco-sustainable and organic farm holiday centre that is comfortable and unique.  
Respect for the environment and a focus on simplicity were indeed the guidelines of our renovation work.  
The bio-architecture principles applied during the renovation gave us a comfortable setting in-tune with nature, this is the resaon why our Apartments and the Villa do not need air conditioning.

The pleasant breeze that blows here is a great help for us.  
Our apartments and the villa meet functionality, attractiveness and elegance criteria: the furnishings are sober and refined, highlighted by the many hand-made decorations that enhance the features of our houses.

Ttaking care of you we think about all the details: the detergents at your disposal and the ones we use for washing the laundry are organic and environmentally friendly. Thanks to a skilful fusion of officinal herbs and natural aromas you will find bio soaps and detergents prepared with our EVO oil and the plants in our Officinal and Aromaic Herbs Garden, first of all: lavender. The electric appliances and the bulbs are at low energy consumption. We recycle using the waste collection and reuse empty containers. For all these reasons we kindly ask you to help us in the effort to protect the environment we live in.
By choice we decided to do without televisions as we believe that only in this way may we truly appreciate the beauty and quietness of these places and their authentic value, time.